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Djjaner's News

Posted by Djjaner - November 11th, 2017


Posted by Djjaner - October 29th, 2017

I'm sorry this collab just throw it away, were it created good clips by Juanford66 and Kryy and I'd like to finish it. Who is interested may join.

Ryder Revenge Collab

Organiser @Djjaner

Conditions :​
The action scenes, the most rapid and aggressive.
Only work with Ryder Revenge sprites. (Download here)
Try make own backgrounds than using with package.
I have no interest in tests. !!
Try to make interesting and original clips.
Porn and insulting clips will not be accepted!

30 - 33fps
Minimum 150frames for clip
Max 4clips or one long (1000-1500 frames) / one member
I prefer finished clips for collab more in MP4 files than SWF (Download and use this soft Swivel - SWF to MP4)

NO TESTS!!! Thanks.

How to join?:
Send me a message (PM) with your test.

Members :

@Djjaner (Introduction and end clip)
@Lubos (* RR allstar *)
@Johnypixel (* MadCzech allstar *)
@kRyy -1clip
@Juanford66 -1clip
@MJorik -1clip
@omega17172 -1clip
@esetox -1clip
@panzerjig -1clip

Remember!!: Only work with Ryder Revenge sprites. (Download here
Updated sprites: (Download here) (Only CS5.5)

Deadline : 1/30/2018

Posted by Djjaner - October 14th, 2017

Slowly reuploading all oldies and newest animations on my animation youtube channel.



Posted by Djjaner - October 14th, 2017


Posted by Djjaner - September 22nd, 2017

I'm not happy that I can not have anything to release this day. That's why I want to remind my last creations last year.

Only created soundtrack for Prov22 movie

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/681461 (Alone in the Madness part02)

This game has become a popular, challenging interactive game where your enemy has time and the right reaction. Who did not play so I recommend to try.


and more created for MadCzech (


Posted by Djjaner - September 17th, 2017

Try this 3d unity game by JimGiant
Play game: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/699433

Very interesting idea.

Posted by Djjaner - September 15th, 2017

Who is interested in the creation of the soundtrack, please send full movie privately and I'll make up a perfectly fitting soundtrack.

- Q&A :
Question: Is Ryder Revenge Collab cancelled?
Answer: Yes is it cancelled, I'm sorry but after the data loss I lost a long introduction and 4 long clips. And it wasn't a collab of great interest, I have only 7 clips.

Question: Is chance that, will we see the continuation of the Time to Madness or Ryder Revenge Unlimited?
Answer: No, but I'm planning on smart solution, where you will see the endings of all the series (Even old) in one movie. (Better than nothing) then I start animating last long movie.

Question: What is the last planned the animation before closing my madness carrer, can I say something spoiler here or is that a secret?
Answer: I can only say that this will be an extremely long action movie, this is a forgotten project, which I always planned to finish, I started it in 2014, but I'm going to newly redone.

Question: Is the MadCzech group dead? If not, will there be more collabs?
Answer: MadCzech is still active. They work slowly on projects.

Question: Will you still be in the madness community?
Answer: Yes, but I'm not animate once I done last movie.

Question: Soooo,if I send you full movie that I might make,you will make a soundtrack for it for [FREE] [100% no SCAM] [LEGIT]?
Answer: I think that for this you don't need an answer. If yes, so free but only for you specially with scams and viruses.

More questions? (These questions were answered in private, I publicly answer)

Posted by Djjaner - September 9th, 2017


Posted by Djjaner - September 4th, 2017


Posted by Djjaner - September 3rd, 2017

Unfortunately, I have bad news one year of working on animations is lost, now it's very hard for me to come back to this when Scarax Lair and BlackSun are now lost, the projects were almost completed. Unfortunately, my madness days are over, I have little time to start working on projects again.

And to know that I'm fair, I soon start work on last long animation. I will definitely close my animator chapter.

Simplified, I'm starting to work on the last mad animation. (Release date: xx/xx/2019)

:Update: 31.12.2017
Last Mad animation is The Fair Light series...
After completing all parts combine and it will be a feature film.