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Djjaner's News

Posted by Djjaner - December 31st, 2017

Year 2017 for me was bad, even though I created these animations for you.

Ryder Revenge Unlimited Part01

Madness Project: Madhat (Cooperative project with @Johnypixel)

The Fair Light Part01

I quit the @Kelzad team (Green Pepper Studios).
I joined the @Prov22 team as musician (Ground Zero).

An unfortunate incident, which eventually ended well and I got back the data from the HDD so I can finish Scarax Lair and Black Sun, but first i finish Time to Madness Part05.

I'm really happy for the faithful cooperation with @JohnyPixel and G4RPL3I, is shame that I this was not followed in ScorpionCZ , Agmon525 and Klouad, even so remain the icon of the beginning of the MadCzech.
Thank you for your cooperation and good luck in your life.

I hope that the year 2018 will be much better for me and for MadCzech.

I wish all of you on Newgrounds a lot of success in the new year.

Posted by Djjaner - December 30th, 2017

Anyone that wants to can join, otherwise I changed the rules, see below.

Ryder Revenge Collab

Organiser : @Djjaner

Conditions :​
Only work with Ryder Revenge sprites. (Download here) (Use your or classic MC weapons)
Try make own backgrounds than using with package.
Try to make interesting and original clips.
Porn and insulting clips will not be accepted! (including the hidden messages)

30 - 33fps
Minimum 150frames for clip
The number is not important, you can create how many clips you want.
Send me clips on swf format. (If you know how to use the Swivel so send me mp4 format, is not a condition)

Please send me again all your clips on email ( Djjaner@gmail.com ), Thank you.

You can also create tests, but they must be interesting.

How to join?:


Send me a message (PM) with your test.

Members :

@Djjaner (Introduction and end clip)
@Lubos (* RR allstar *)
@Johnypixel (* MadCzech allstar *)

Remember!!: Only work with Ryder Revenge sprites. (Download here)
and use your or classic weapons from MC series.

Updated sprites: (Download here) (Only CS5.5)

Changed Deadline : 2/15/2018 maybe earlier.. :)

Posted by Djjaner - December 26th, 2017

I'm working on it! MUHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by Djjaner - December 24th, 2017


Posted by Djjaner - December 23rd, 2017

Czech version


English version

Anyway... Merry Christmas. ;)

Posted by Djjaner - December 23rd, 2017

Posted by Djjaner - December 16th, 2017

Soundtrack for new movie

Movie is ready for release.

Posted by Djjaner - November 21st, 2017

Welcome on my second Remix Contest on my newest track called New Dimension with Zeophyte
If you are interested join to Remix Contest so.

You must have a Newgrounds account and must be older than 3 months.
Must be in your account uploaded minimum 3 tracks (yours, not the remixes!)

Send me a message that you would like to join a Remix Contest and you get zip archive containing primary flp file for open on Fruity Loops. (Track is created on version 12.4.1) and too get midi, wav samples.

Who is in Remix Contest:


Listen full version

Top 10 best remix will be released in an album on my bandcamp.

Deadline: 1.2.2018

Posted by Djjaner - November 18th, 2017

Posted by Djjaner - November 15th, 2017

It is indeed a long time since the release of the Ryder Revenge Unlimited part01 and little cooperation on the MadHat movie by @Johnypixel.

You need not be afraid that I'm dead with animation.
I'm working on a special movie on the day 12/24/2017 it'll be for some big surprise and I hope I won't disappoint your expectations.

Now I have over 5000frames and the final number is around 7500 to 9000frames so it's not short....


Stay tuned!

If you have to me questions, write in comments.

Q: Is that a christmas movie?
A: No.. Animation has nothing to do with christmas theme.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated like this?
A: That is a good question. The first of the most important things is to have people who share your interest and cooperate with you have a certain goal to be motivated, my goal is to MadCzech and magnificent cooperation with buddy JohnyPixel and also G4RPL3I. I'm trying to easily do not give up hope, even when I lost a lot of work.

Q: You will quit community after project?
A: I'm not in the community welcome after "drama" (Today's madness community = Green Pepper Studios).
I don't want to deal with.
I have MadCzech and I am happy and more I don't need to happiness. ;)