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When you feel time passing too quickly...

Posted by Djjaner - September 22nd, 2021

Madness Day is here and again,

many days passed and I could not perfect anything I do.

My animation is outdated,

I don't make interesting backgrounds and the characters don't have a special detailed design and especially my animation suffers from repetitive sounds that no one wants to hear again,

maybe it's also because I'm a nostalgic animator and I'm not looking for improvisation, although I could, but I don't have time for that, because time is against me and I also do it this movies for fun (I've never been serious about this)

So, if you're looking for quality work from me, then look for another great animator

(Most of them are students who have a lot of time to do this)

I'm either lazy after the shift or busy at work or I also give priority to my wife and daughter.

I froze in the years when @Delamortes was one of the best animator and @Alpha-Nuva made amazing movies.

Then a lot has changed and time has stopped for me and I refuse to accept what is trend now.

The new generation of animators make incredible movies with perfect graphics, extremely length and also sophisticated fighting styles that have a distinct detailed gore.

Previously, this was not possible because flash swf movies could not be converted, because Swivel doesnt exist earlier and so everything was put into one fla (8gb ram = Out-of-memory errors) and collabs?

It was bad joke when the symbol was identical and a conflict arose and suddenly there was confusion in all the symbols in all the clips, it was really fun to fix it, but limited to 16k frames.

Then Swivel was created and there was a revolution for all madness animators,

you can make a million frames and unlimited possibilities and then use effects in editors.

These days are gone and I continue to do what I enjoy, even though I know it doesn't make sense. haha...

Okay my Madness Day 2021 entries are here:


This movie is weaker, it doesn't make sense, I take it as a test of whether I can still use flash.



We created this album with a team of brilliant musicians, it is free to download. I recommend listening, many of the songs are really perfect.

It was a shock for me, 5 days ago Eshio called me and offered me a collaboration for madness day,

it was a challenge for me that I accepted and put both action and emotions into it.

I kept getting responses to the unfinished cut version from 2014.

If I released this full version in the same year, it would be an incredible hit, today it's just an average track.

I created the song in a style I came up with and called in earlier years as "Techvision",

The biggest inspiration for me to create this genre was @Cheshyre

The best songs in my opinion in my techvision genre is The Kingdom , Giftination soundtrack and The Clouds. "The Edge of Darkness" is just an attempt make similar song like a The Kingdom, which is supposed to have a dark atmosphere and be aggressive.

Happy Madness Day for everyone, wishes old-school animator...



Comments (8)

Happy Madness Day

Dear Djjaner, you are a good animator, things used to be much more complicated in general to be able to animate, but you should not punish yourself thinking that your works are not good enough today compared to the new animators that have emerged over the years (and that have had more technology developed that has made their way "easier").
You are an inspiration for many who have decided to start in all this MC stuff, don't underestimate yourself.
It's good that you do this as a hobby and don't take time away from what really matters, your family.
I respect you a lot, happy Madness day <3

The reason your animations are that good is because they're understandable, actually make sence usually and simple is just better. We all appreciate you for being you. Ps, have a good day.

You definitely have what it takes to create good animations, and your MD2021 entry helps showcase that. Don't sell yourself short! Enjoy Madness Day bud, and I look forward to what follows.

Happy md! What I wanted to say was already said by others, you are awesome animator dude!

Happy MD, Mr. Janer! You always doing a great stuff for MD!

You can try make a new style of animation. Mix a new style of animation and old style of animation to make it more unique. But more over, you dont need to feel bad to your own creation. Your creation represents you, Djjaner itself.

Happy MD2021 to you, thanks for ultra-violenced cartoons!