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Again, we have a sequel that will actually continue indefinitely, we will never know the end because this series is created with the intention of constantly repeating the same mistakes from the previous episodes. For the first time we encounter really great background processing, nice smooth effects and animation that is fast, smooth, but the storyline is again a big disappointment that copies over and over the original Madness Combat series, as in the previous episode of this series. Intentionally the same ends with even more mysterious beginnings.

It does not make any sense. But if you feel good about it then continue.

Anyway, (13:49, 20:08) Kelzad the REALM digger adventures begins... Only on Nintendo Switch

"fuck" :D :D

The problem will be in low fps. Try working at 30fps. Nice try.

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Hard to play... It's difficult to play, the ship is very fast and so before I start shooting them close to a friend. Graphics are very simple, how long have you been doing this? Change the speed of the ship and then it will be ok! Thank you for using my tracks!

Catbugpig responds:

That's not a bad idea. I'll definitely try that out. I've been working on games for about 4 or 5 years, since I was about 12. Although I've only been doing pixel art for maybe a year.
Thanks for trying it out and thank you for the track.

RIP my spacebar (2015-2019)

Your Pickaxe has exploded? Tell me how?

I was able to finish the game at 15 days. I think it's not a record but I still have no reason to play it again, the reason is that over time is not so fun, there is something to diversify. Some things can help a lot like an ore duplicator or young potion (I see for the first time). I love pixelated graphics, so it forced me to finish the game, everything is colorful and well laid out, good idea but something is missing.

anyway good job!

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czech magick

Fleetwire responds:

u r my biggest inspirasin

I love it!

It sounds very surprisingly good.

Thanks for respond. I use same software and VSTs.

Spline-1337 responds:

I use FL Studio 20. VST: Serum, SerumFX and for mixing standard fl studio plugins (fruity parametic, limiter and so on) :)

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Nice propaganda!

Nice Zapchot!

looks genuine

Time to Madness part06 in progress...

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