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Djjaner's News

Posted by Djjaner - 1 month ago

The darkness will swallow us all...



Posted by Djjaner - March 16th, 2024

Welcome on my pure black color page.

Nothing new is being worked on.

I am demotivated and dying inside.


Posted by Djjaner - February 20th, 2024

Only magic mysterious music is here...



Posted by Djjaner - January 20th, 2024

"Sparkler" known as "TON 618" is finally in finished form.

Too something spicy for Czech GD community



Posted by Djjaner - January 20th, 2024

Hello my fans!

Maybe some of you are wondering what's going on or happened to me but don't worry,

I've just been inactive for a several days and haven't worked on anything,

it's due to exhaustion from work and right now I'm giving priority to my one year old son, Jacob.

It is a difficult period for me, but I believe that one day it will get better and I will be able to create new songs for you and work on new animations.

Be very patient if you expect anything new from me and be understanding with me,

I have already done it for you in so many years (Cartoons, music/albums, etc...)

and now I really have to do my best for myself and my family and try to work hard in these bad times.

I wish all the fans a nice day. - John


Posted by Djjaner - December 24th, 2023

Its time for Christmas gift...

Merry Christmas wishes Djjaner, Sazzy Boi and Lyfeseal.



Posted by Djjaner - October 3rd, 2023

Some time has passed and this year is very difficult for me, I can only find free time for small clips for collabs, or projects that are not time-consuming and can be created in a short time, I can only confirm that I am working on Cannot Escape the Madness 3, but the development is so slow that I can't say when the deadline will be, it will just come out one day. I slowly started work on Ryder Revenge Forever 2, I didn't mention much about the development earlier, I wanted to keep it a secretly but yes I'm working on it, so I owe everyone an fixed version of RR Unlimited part02, the ending that is current will be changed and replaced, this will be created before than will be Forever 2 finished. I'm very sorry for what I did and what I had planned, Im older and I get the more I realize that I can't afford a remake of Ryder Revenge series, work on RRpart01 remake started at the beginning of this year, but I will cancel the project and focus on the development of RR Unlimited part02 fixed version and RR Forever 2 release in 2026? Maybe?

What will happen to Ryder Revenge Beginning part02?

I'm planning a short version that should explain in the simplest way the story that takes place before the events of RRpart01, Beginning part03 was also planned, but I'd rather choose if part02 closed this prequel.

Now let's talk about "Alone in the Madness part03" what happened,

it's simple, creating a game of this type is difficult, you have to create a progression through the game and you also have to create death animations, but my goal was bigger and that was a fatal mistake, more ways which would force you to restart the game because it would be a dead end, I managed to create scene 4 and I froze at a dead point, the problem is that I exceeded 16000 frames and swf can't handle more, create more parts of this game? no, that wouldn't make sense, because these ways are still under development and are not closed, now what?

I came to terms with the fact that I reached a dead end and I don't want to restart the project anymore,

I wanted to make a masterpiece out of it but I got into a trap.

To publish it or not?

It's a question I've been thinking about for a long time and I'm still looking for an answer to it and I'm looking for another way to make swf play more than 16000 frames... but right now, project is discontinued.



Posted by Djjaner - September 20th, 2023





Posted by Djjaner - September 17th, 2023

Check progress here...

About cartoons:

I'll post some leaks when MD2023 arrives, I have some good news and some bad news.

I can only confirm that I'm up to something small, let yourself be surprised (No, it's not as good as Take out the Mates)

About music:

A lot of planned albums have been postponed or irretrievably canceled,

the collaboration in recent years is not working as well as before.

My goal is to finally finish and wrap up the album "Undead Core 3.2" and I agreed with the coopworkers that the title should be different than stating the number "3.2"

The release will be next year, there will be a lot of work to do with it, we want it to have a nostalgic feeling like the second release, Djoride will replace DjGoldwing and Reffdix will help me tune the album to the maximum, he wants every track to be exceptional/special.

A new album is coming, its name is unknown for now, the point is that Techvision got a big upgrade and

"old Cheshyre style" was removed including nostalgic sounds,

New Techvision will go in a new direction and the old sounds will be replaced by new ones.

Techvision: Legacy is the last album that uses old VSTs and sounds you know from years past,

you can hear it here:


The reason why I changed my mind about Cheshyre was,

His way of communication, behavior and excuses and he is only loyal SIN team members.

Honestly, I tried to be involved in the SIN 2 album but I was rejected because organizer wanted people who have been around since the first release, while new musicians joined appeared over time and added without rejecting?

Pathetic and embarrassing.

That's all for now, have a nice day to all readers and fans.

Sincerely John.



Posted by Djjaner - August 29th, 2023

It was 2021 and I released a preview album "Janertale" this is a fan album that is supposed to be an alternative ost for the Undertale game, which when it's done you'll be able to overwrite/replace the original ost with this fan ost. I haven't gotten far yet, you the most important tracks are missing and are at the stage that I will restart them again and do it again, I was not satisfied with the result even after many days/months.

Check album here

So far I have published only a small part of this album, it is free to download if you write "0" price when purchasing.

Enjoy it, when the number of downloads will be good enough,

I will continue with album, otherwise I will stop the project for now.

Soon I will add songs that are almost finished.