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Djjaner's News

Posted by Djjaner - 3 days ago

Album is released...

The Dream is Over



Posted by Djjaner - 2 weeks ago

I will present news that I am working on slowly, but it is hoped that it will be released this year.

Ryder Revenge remake

I've been working on it for a long time, so far I'm using old sprites created in 2016-2018, but as soon as the first part is over, I have to work with sprites, background and details. For now, I can't publish anything even if I really want to, but it's not in its final form.

All progress of this series will be published on the MadCzech Patreon page.

It doesn't make sense to change the storyline of this series, so I'll leave the original story only with better graphics, animation and add scenes that I didn't originally release and cut them out from parts 3, 4 and 6.

The introductory part explains why it's happening and explains why Ryder goes alone on the first base of the side lightning.

Why the MadCzech patreon page was created and for what purpose?

It's simple, the members have no motivation and I am not able to motivate them in any way to animate madness, a lot of members left us because of this and so I thought why not create a Patron page for MadCzech? The money will be distributed to members according to who is active or who created the movie for MadCzech in a given month.

Alone in the Madness part03 in development...

It's been a few years since the second episode was released and with the help of Kelzad (He put the scenes together in a single swf) ((If I knew how to treat me then, I wouldn't ask him for help and I would never do any soundtrack for his REALM)) but it happened and he helped me and I helped him with music.

In my opinion, the game has a lot of viewership (267,098 views) and is still played, which is interesting information for me and people would like to play a sequel, everyone says that I have now given extreme challenging conditions thanks to the exploding volcano that will not be easy to do, but it doesn't matter if it takes longer than the work on the second part.

Yes, it is true that I told you that I will not work on the game, but my opinion has changed people's interest in continuing this game.

Saboteur movie is this a canon movie for the RR series?

Yes, this movie once completed will reveal part of the truth from the RR story at the end.

It happens before Professor Edward Sting becomes boss the side of lightning.

But waiting for it is not the primary movie being worked on right now...

Other projects being worked on...

2 secret projects + coop movie with Metric and Dziadek are in development.

For the time being, I will not reveal the names of two projects or what the projects are,

it is possible that they will be canceled or completed only for the MadCzech Patreon page.

Would you like to play AITM 3 in Early access?

So become a VIP Mad Patron and you will be able to play an almost finished version + another survival game will be created for all patrons.

Now there is only a short video of the game on the patron page, it is an unfinished first scene.

You will be notified as soon as the playable version is available on MadCzech Patreon page.

Otherwise, the official release of AITM 3 is on Madness Day 2020 for everyone.

(AITM3 = Alone in the Madness part03)

MadCzech Tournament...

I'm waiting for another 7 candidates, the waiting period is max even this month if it is not filled so the tournament will start with a smaller number of candidates.

If you are interested read more here. LINK


Posted by Djjaner - 2 weeks ago

animation by Gamm3r_66 and Djjaner



Posted by Djjaner - 3 weeks ago

Are you an madness combat style animator? so...

Don't hesitate and try to join the tournament and win the main prize 100$

More info...


Posted by Djjaner - 3 weeks ago

I call it another attempt because there was not enough interest in the previous one.

MadCzech Tournament

Only one can win this tournament will receive 100$ on paypal or credit card.

Participation is voluntary and anyone can join who can create madness combat animations,

created in Macromedia Flash, Adobe Flash Professional any version.

There are no restrictions that would prevent you from joining.


Conditions you must read and respect before joining.

  1. Let me know about your participation with a private message that you are interested in joining this tournament, your nickname and your logo or image that will represent you in a resolution of 800x800 that will be good visible in png or jpeg format. (Your picture will not change! during the tournament. Therefore, choose wisely before sending me any picture)... They are forbidden to send me a picture that contains nudity or a vulgar expression, you will be automatically rejected without replying to your message.
  2. It is forbidden to show your animations to the public, which are intended for the tournament, so be patient to a deadline that will always be set! If you break this rule, you will be eliminated from the tournament.
  3. Each round of the tournament will have a task that you will have to do, if it is half unfinished or not according to the set task, then I will ask you for a replacement clip or to add, modify your work. However, if you refuse, you will be among the people who also failed or did not do so according to the task, and the jurors will determine who will continue and who will leave the tournament.
  4. If you want to leave the tournament before it starts, you can, but if you wanted to leave the tournament while you were part of the tournament round, you would have to find a replacement for yourself or if you did not find a replacement, I would be obliged to find a replacement and stop the tournament for 14 days before I find a replacement.If I didn't find a replacement during 14 days, so round of the tournament would be restarted and I would also change the task.

For each round of the tournament will be created a special round video and uploaded on MadCzech Youtube with all the voting results and a detailed explanation of each clip, you can then release your entry for collab to your youtube accounts as well.

People on youtube MadCzech will vote, also people on MadCzech discord server, here on Newgrounds I will also create a voting page but the jury will have the biggest vote.

The jury will only include people with higher experience of this work with a developed perception of detail and processing.

Therefore, in order for the tournament to start, I need at least 20 candidates to join.

However, if there are more candidates than 20, so there will be a qualifying round which will decide who of 20 candidates will participate in the tournament and who will be eliminated.

Additional information: If the tournament was successful after completion and gained great viewership on MadCzech, I would definitely create another Tournament with a Double prize value.



Posted by Djjaner - 3 weeks ago

I hope that you like it...

its EP album with 4 tracks.


Posted by Djjaner - 1 month ago

iu_115062_2588812.jpgMy MC hands 2020...


Posted by Djjaner - April 18th, 2020

Contains great musicians (Cry.NN, Zeophyte and Cuizo)

Anyway Cry.NN Beatrice track is free...



Posted by Djjaner - April 1st, 2020

April Fools...

Anyway i make hot movie.



Posted by Djjaner - March 18th, 2020

I'm sorry, but due to the rules here on Newgrounds I can't upload Time to Madness Part06 or this full movie.

I would really have to change the content in Time to Madness a lot, and I disagree with this.

That's why I refuse to upload new videos to Newgrounds.

The reason is that the video and audio content "Spam,Bullshit" is a frontpaged...