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Djjaner's News

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Posted by Djjaner - 11 days ago

I start animating special movie with @LK-Gross sprites



Posted by Djjaner - 12 days ago

Download here:

Torrent link


Enjoy this game.


Posted by Djjaner - 1 month ago

Listen on Youtube

Available on Spotify

Available on Amazon


Remastered, Improved and Exclusively Extended tracks

Undead Core 3 album:

I decided to restart the album Undead Core 3 and new in collaboration with JoshuaOriade (Irishtoner)

IrishToner can brilliantly create the same and incredibly identical songs that DjGoldwing could create.

So I believe the quality of the tracks will be very identical to the old Undead Core 2 album.

I'm slowly working on a remaster of older releases for audio stores.

What happened to MadCzech and why is dead?

I know many of you are disappointed, but it's no joke.

The situation with the members was day after day the more he gave, I came up with various options for members to get their attention back and again to realize why they are members of this association (MadCzech Patreon).

I don't believe that school or work limited them so much that they couldn't create something small for MadCzech. There were always plans, only the interest of the member did not last very long.

I knew it wouldn't work for long and if this unactive situation so I would remove the MadCzech discord server and leave it.

I got a more interesting offer so I'm going for it... And it's not animation.

This does not mean that I am dead in animations,

I have part-time work with other animators when MadCzech was not interested in producing anything.


Posted by Djjaner - July 4th, 2020



Posted by Djjaner - June 26th, 2020


Posted by Djjaner - June 10th, 2020

Album is now available on:






Posted by Djjaner - June 7th, 2020

Thanks to everyone who remembered my birthday.

I have a couple of gifts here that I did not expect but I was really pleased.

CRY.NN - HOW 2 Djjaner - Birthday track - I love this...

Eliter and Irishtoner Movie Gift - Thanks guys you did great job there!

Metric clip/movie - unfinished/flash crash - Its amazingly animated my friend!

At the moment I'm working on something other than Madness and it won't be in English. It's just such a funny game about a guy named Karel. The game will include Czech text to speech dubbing. xD

Anyway... for the MadCzech Tournament, I'm still looking for 7 candidates.

Link here...


Posted by Djjaner - May 25th, 2020

Album is released...

The Dream is Over



Posted by Djjaner - May 14th, 2020

I will present news that I am working on slowly, but it is hoped that it will be released this year.

Ryder Revenge remake

I've been working on it for a long time, so far I'm using old sprites created in 2016-2018, but as soon as the first part is over, I have to work with sprites, background and details. For now, I can't publish anything even if I really want to, but it's not in its final form.

All progress of this series will be published on the MadCzech Patreon page.

It doesn't make sense to change the storyline of this series, so I'll leave the original story only with better graphics, animation and add scenes that I didn't originally release and cut them out from parts 3, 4 and 6.

The introductory part explains why it's happening and explains why Ryder goes alone on the first base of the side lightning.

Why the MadCzech patreon page was created and for what purpose?

It's simple, the members have no motivation and I am not able to motivate them in any way to animate madness, a lot of members left us because of this and so I thought why not create a Patron page for MadCzech? The money will be distributed to members according to who is active or who created the movie for MadCzech in a given month.

Alone in the Madness part03 in development...

It's been a few years since the second episode was released and with the help of Kelzad (He put the scenes together in a single swf) ((If I knew how to treat me then, I wouldn't ask him for help and I would never do any soundtrack for his REALM)) but it happened and he helped me and I helped him with music.

In my opinion, the game has a lot of viewership (267,098 views) and is still played, which is interesting information for me and people would like to play a sequel, everyone says that I have now given extreme challenging conditions thanks to the exploding volcano that will not be easy to do, but it doesn't matter if it takes longer than the work on the second part.

Yes, it is true that I told you that I will not work on the game, but my opinion has changed people's interest in continuing this game.

Saboteur movie is this a canon movie for the RR series?

Yes, this movie once completed will reveal part of the truth from the RR story at the end.

It happens before Professor Edward Sting becomes boss the side of lightning.

But waiting for it is not the primary movie being worked on right now...

Other projects being worked on...

2 secret projects + coop movie with Metric and Dziadek are in development.

For the time being, I will not reveal the names of two projects or what the projects are,

it is possible that they will be canceled or completed only for the MadCzech Patreon page.

Would you like to play AITM 3 in Early access?

So become a VIP Mad Patron and you will be able to play an almost finished version + another survival game will be created for all patrons.

Now there is only a short video of the game on the patron page, it is an unfinished first scene.

You will be notified as soon as the playable version is available on MadCzech Patreon page.

Otherwise, the official release of AITM 3 is on Madness Day 2020 for everyone.

(AITM3 = Alone in the Madness part03)

MadCzech Tournament...

I'm waiting for another 7 candidates, the waiting period is max even this month if it is not filled so the tournament will start with a smaller number of candidates.

If you are interested read more here. LINK