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I love happy ends

great animation!

Isnt best and too not bad, its pretty good. Shells missing here and backgrounds havent shadow details.

"Deimos Destiny" i waiting for something really special...

Dyera: I see, you rushed here, you can better animate.
Areylon: Please, learn how to animate walk down the stairs.

For 2 weeks is this good performance, but not best.

DYERA responds:

As I said in the explanation, I'm sorry I didn't reach my expectations. Please understand

Weirdness introduction of all time, contains magic hallucination clips and WHAT THE FUCK WITH THIS... 40mins of regenerated white colored hank tales??? I am not satisified with this release, its more weird than first and second release, reason is broken random generic storyline. Some clips here are very impressive but for me its this whole movie very chaotic. I was expecting more of this.

PS: Recolored Hank isnt original, next time make own thing or make WANK -1

Anyway, there is no thanks to Kenamy, he invented a white hank...

kRyyNG responds:

I invented white hank, he was just a host of the first collab.
And thank

its brilliant this deserve first place on MD2019!

Well I decided to consider it again and write a new review.

Yes! another massively graphics movie and everyone say "WOOW! AWESOME!"

the graphics, the environment and the atmosphere is here in a brutal demanding processing i never seen before (2.5 Stars for this effort here).

This movie for me is definitely disappointing for two reasons.
The first reason is that this movie acts as a preview / trailer of something to come, so there's no action or was it left out?
Even so, more people were working on this...
and I find it unfairly if Krinkels gave it the first place on MD2019, it would offend me a lot,
on MD2019 is released much better and creative videos than this "Cinematic" cooperative.

The second reason is that, as I follow, are Jsoull trying to link this to REALM?
I thought he was more creative, but unfortunately,
I knew it from the moment he took control of Paradigmadness.
Is it really impossible to come up with something of your own to be proud of?

Otherwise, it is highly predictable that this will get the first place on Madness Day 2019,
but as I say.
"I disagree with that."

R4IN responds:

What the fuck dude are you criticizing everything?

Huge bloody generic collab... Good job everybody.

wtf-.. :D

galaxy madness

Better than first Wank release...

Really important message:
R4IN says "heh"


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