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I'm very surprised, I wasn't expecting this gift. This collab contains a lot of quality scenes, everyone did a good job, The storyline is somewhat weaker, which follows my christmasnations movies but even so agmon made me very happy to organize this collab. The music in collab is good. This collab will be uploaded to madczech channel, soon. Thank you very much friends, now I know you really care about me. I'll try to make my future animations better than your expectations.

ayaneskaju690 responds:

Yes please, friend! :)

Agent5043 responds:

Sure thing bro.

RAl4AN responds:

Thanks you bro! ;ЗЗЗ We are late for a date.

iiiHateZombieDude responds:

Cant Wait :DD

thece responds:

ya better do bro,those spoilers is promising

thesupermecha637 responds:

aren't there soo many things for you?
oh well lol
but even so,you should do it! (i hope you don't mind what i'm talking about lol)

iTS FUNNy but late you post this...

Joshuaoriade responds:

Thanks, But Maybe..

The average "collab test", lots of clips not written in the nickname, so it's hard to identify, but I can definitely say the weakest in this collab is KingX0.

Today, it is not worth creating collabs of this type, they are not well watched because the clips are mostly without ideas and everything is just about simple killing without combos.

Music is nice but isnt perfect so I expect something more lively, more pronounced to fit for example perfect would be more of these songs from your production (Improbability, Hades, Mania, Starlight, Pulsar ...etc)

RAl4AN responds:

KingX0 make not good clips.. Yes.
But thanks you for some rate!)

Crazyninja2355 responds:


kingX0 responds:

this whole collab was mistake.....

Uberman765 responds:

Yeah but all animator take very long time for this

gtp456 responds:


CryNN responds:

Thanks for your review. Ill take advice

Not bad, the only mistake is that you use low fps, you need to change 24fps to 30-33fps and learn to animate in these conditions.

Anyway good job

After a long time I can say you made a really good movie. I see that you are inspired by Ellvis even so there are a lot of original elements in this movie. I'm surprised how you improved in animation... Good job

juanford66 responds:

Thank you for the review dude

Epic battle. We need more...

BotDon responds:

Holy moly djjaner here ! An expert who loves my movie !!!

Amazing! This is genuine animation with great storyline. Good job

Great movie with fresh start and cool backgrounds but its really short.

Try working more on your animation, inventing good scenes, respecting the madness of what it is and not doing unnecessarily chaotic scenes. Take a look at the animations of other artists, such as Alpha-Nuva or Kelzad or my stuff, and try to motivate them or learn that everything needs to have their time for each action than to make a moment where agents are waiting in place before ATP comes to them and kills them with a hammer. I'm not angry with you, you just do not get a reputation by copying others, trying to create something you'll be proud of. Before you start making another animation so train hard.

funny... xD

Cannot Espacito 2 - 90% done


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