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Posted by Djjaner - July 26th, 2021

It's been a year since getting 4k fans and I can't believe how fast I got another 1k fans,

I really appreciate it and I can't just write in words how happy it makes me, but...

I'm very sorry I'm not active enough and I can't give you more content as I planned,

constantly postponing the Ryder Revenge movies, Alone in the Madness part03 and Zoltan movie.

This year is critical for me and I would like it to be different and,

I could devote more time to the development of these above-mentioned projects, but it is in vain.

It looks like the Zoltan movie will be delayed,

as the development of Cannot Escape the Madness 2 (about 4-5 years of development, i know its bad).

I wanted to release a short movie from Ryder Revenge story and released as soon as I reached 5k fans,

but now I'm done about 40 seconds of animation, and for the last 2 weeks I haven't turned on adobe flash again.

Even so, sooner or later this short will be completed as soon as I find the time and mood to create it,

otherwise it is an endless deletion of frames due to how annoying the animation looks.

Working on this short and great patience with the Ryder Revenge remastered series version is mainly a thank you to the sponsors who gave me financial donations, which helped me a lot with the situation I have to go through now,

the world just went crazy and the situation with Covid-19 is getting worse.

What are the plans with the Ryder Revenge series for the future?

Create an introduction, I'm working on it now. (Short about 3-4 minutes)

Remaster first series with new graphics, new animation and especially better orientation in the story and translation of dialogues (the original is very poorly translated)

Remaster RR Forever movie (James and Phobos tale)

and also finally start working on RR Forever 2.

If you are interested and would like to support the development of the Ryder Revenge series,

become a patreon member today and I promise that all activity here will be the most updated,

including animated clips from upcoming movies.

Special thanks to these people:

@Tomfulp (Opportunity to share my work here on this site)

@Krinkels (an amazing Madness Combat series)

@Cheshyre (your melodies that got stuck in my head)

@electronic-headphone (A good friend who helped me a lot)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and thanks again for your follow!.

Have a nice day. John



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You are a talented person, your stuff is such amazing. I'm happy about seeing my favorite user of internet reaching that amount of followers, you even deserve more than that. You are such an amazing man

Really deserved, congrats with 5k! Good luck with all stuff you have to do.

We out here

Congratz mate. Well deserved milestone. Wish you the best!

Well Done bro :)

You deserve all the support and each and every fan.