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Djjaner's News

Posted by Djjaner - March 6th, 2010

Today, finishing the whole part and as I have, so it immediately here on newgrounds upload.

Posted by Djjaner - February 28th, 2010

Already I miss a couple of scenes and I can give the whole video before I wanted.
Apparently 4 part will not even 5 minutes, but again on the other hand, I made him a total of more quickly than I expected.

And I forgot to inform you here on Newgrounds many series will have Ryder Revenge:

So I want to do
Ryder Revenge first series should have the 9 parts, then I want to do on the second series and it will be the 7 parts and perhaps even more interesting and now I want to do even the series where we learn about the past and all of the flash and how did Ryder got the chance to train an agent to serve a secret compartment, this series would be called Chronicles and according to my calculation would be weaker Chronicles should be over 20 to work, while you think of me that I was crazy, but the contrary is place on the feature film, which I wanted to do in 2012, but it seems so probably not so much because it is better just Chronicles series .. xD

Ryder Revenge part04 will be 7 days

Posted by Djjaner - February 21st, 2010

Successfully report, the game finally came out as a test that you can play.

The game comes from a famous series from creator Krinkels to the Madness Combat animation is already doing a very long time and the product was indeed a legend, both on Newgrounds and all over the world.

In the test game you can play the main character of the series, which is named Hank J. Wimbleton with which you are trying to fight through and kill the immortal (I'm not sure right), auditor and save the world ..

Unfortunately, in the test game face each other with the auditor, but on the other hand, the future to
test the game engine and eventually try to do the whole game.
Otherwise, there is a link for the old test Mc8 The Game:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWoAQoi vKJg

Otherwise, you will write here how to play exactly where to download and install:

1st Here is a link to the program, which I rarely did in his future games:

2nd download and install the pc.

3rd Here is a link to the game:

4th Download and install the PC (please do not watch the game!)

5th Run the program Perwixtu 250 and how it runs, select:
Start - Load Game

6th Wait a while before I kick the game and you would probably know.

Otherwise some texts in the game are in Czech language. (Sorry, but I do not have time to be transferred into English)

Mc the Game -Hank time attack (test game)

Posted by Djjaner - February 21st, 2010

Ryder Revenge Part04 what you have noticed an advertisement made for animation.

For those who do not know.

While the trailer did not come out, but I did it.

We slowly approaching the final animation, although it is not easy, but I'd like to do time for animation every day.
Where to accommodate you so well until now, so maybe Ryder Revenge Part04, You can expect in February.

So, I slowly but surely approaching the end of the animation.

Posted by Djjaner - February 5th, 2010

Currently, you can see Ryder in action but as for being hurt?
Additional detailed information can not tell you because it might jeopardize the whole story.
Otherwise, the trailer for this chunk is not which is a shame but it is by reason of the trailer in the last part I really could not see because I heard from other people it's pretty useless for Everybody had to then to the detailed knowledge and not know whether to look forward to or not.

Next frame from Ryder Revenge Part04

Posted by Djjaner - January 26th, 2010

Today I broke myself.

I made during the evening 10s. And soon now bear the next slide of Action.
Here you can see it from Dr. Ramon Rawling has a pretty big trouble mutant.

Ryder Revenge Part04 next pic.

Posted by Djjaner - January 26th, 2010

Today I took the time and immediately I began to correct errors in the third part of the Ryder Revenge.
I fixed:
Some words in the video were still in Czech so I corrected.
Sprite fix a mistake when entering the Ryder building next to the place of bloody spot so there was a faulty sprite so I quickly remedy the error.

Otherwise, the 4 often do quite quickly and here I give you the screen in animation.
Currently I had 1 minute done. Overall I want to do at least for those 5 minutes.
That spending either in February or March.

but the trailer to 4 parts issued.
But you can look forward to another published screens from the animation.

Correction of errors in the Ryder Revenge part03

Posted by Djjaner - January 6th, 2010

Finally had time comes soon when we'll do this successfully, and expenditures in English and Czech subtitles.
While the action will be enough drivel for example in mobile phones or other personally but I think it's high compared to other betterment work.
Here you have another image of the event.

Ryder Revenge Part03 - We're getting close to the end :D

Posted by Djjaner - January 5th, 2010

The continuation of gun quite quickly and the whole animation should be released January 23 so stay tuned.

Ryder Revenge Part03 :So when will work?

Posted by Djjaner - November 26th, 2009

Today comes the first part of the film Special Force.
Action starts in the future in 2246 in which there are shortages of food and water and because it is the planet heavily murder, and the remaining units of green and red sides of the desert battle for survival on the planet .. In the animation to learn more.

This action is very similar to the movie Madness Combat but unfortunately nothing to do with tim in common only the style of nothing else.

But judge for yourself. : D

The Special Force!!! Part01 upload Newgrounds today!!