Entry #121

Djjaner vs Gujit /45fps...

2014-03-12 05:20:37 by Djjaner

Yes, Gujit wins..


And I know why.

I'm not popular here on Newgrounds. A lot of people do not hates me and saw me as rather end with animation, as always read the critics, too fast, too slow, but when I look at other animators, and receive the same praise, and animate worse and longer.

Just trying to be me, cast me not know how to write that this is the fucking shit! Yes i admit this. :-/

My end is coming, yes you fucking happy? ;-)

I sure do! Now you're wondering if I was crazy? :D :D :D


I animate for fun, for people here on newgrounds a lot of people compliment me, but I'm still impressed that I was an enemy of the other animators.


Thanks Gujit, I'm still here, and support peoples who are my animation and what I do like.


Lucy Madness Part03 will be released later this month.


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2014-03-12 05:28:11

Wtf? Kokot mas vice hlasu. Tak co delas za sracky

Djjaner responds:

Pochop jednu vec.. Kazdej k tobe napsal jen Gujit ale bez jakekoliv kritiky a ja rychly,rychly...


2014-03-12 05:35:20

I do animations for fun and for people too :)
I will check your gallery later you have tons of high rated Madness entries there :)

Have a nice day and good luck :)

Djjaner responds:

thanks.. ;)


2014-03-12 07:59:19

Who the hell hates you bro???


2014-03-12 12:21:33

i want to do animations like you but i don't have skills like you .


2014-03-12 14:07:52

well, gujit was nice, the only thing i dont liked about his test, its the recoil was too slow, dats why i voted u, aniways it doesnt matter gujit and u are excelent animators ;)


2014-03-12 15:36:27

I'm pretty sure even Krinkels respects you.


2014-03-13 13:20:38

@igyzone duh!!!
and btw morons hate good guys

Djjaner responds:

Why dude? WHY!!!


2014-03-14 23:59:37

@Djjaner Come here big buddy. *Hug*

Djjaner responds:

Hahahah... :D :D


2014-03-15 12:33:26


Djjaner responds:



2014-03-17 16:02:48

To je zavist, kdyby ti nezavidel tak se do tebe nesere. :D

Djjaner responds:

hold mas pravdu.. :D