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Djjaner's News

Posted by Djjaner - February 17th, 2011

I decided to upload to the server as the most ancient and best songs.
I'm sure you'll love some, this is just a dance style.

Well, probably not. The day I uploaded 2 songs and it's about nothing.
I'll give you the direct link to my online server Wuala.

Link on my Wuala Server

After a while there I upload other stuff, and my songs.

RRpart09 even comes out this week.

The old and news songs of my production.

Posted by Djjaner - February 13th, 2011

RRpart09, makes it pretty quickly, it could make it to go to the end of this month. If you do not make it, so it will deliver over the next month when we get to the Internet.
Madness Infected 2 am generally restored in terms of sprites and make a start on it until after the next upcoming project, which begins after RRpart09.
RRpart09 soundtrack, and enough Sunshaft ( Sunshafts Page ) makes me happy.
Alone in the Madness, I say how far the stop, but after long consideration, at the end of the finish, so I gave it with the MI2 Madness Day 2011th

Otherwise, I'm disappointed, as I heard a report on the completion of an animator, Coft ( Cofts Page ) and that gave way to the public of those Mad-N II.
And he ended FlorianKiller ( FlorianKillers Page ) too long, therefore not animated, but unfortunately does not have time to devote to it and so ended and did not know the NG.

And again, on the other hand, makes the Czmadness ( CZmadness Page ) enough good games, which all recommend watching it long enough it will be well done, shooter.

Madness Czechstination III, who wants to enter it, and Czech or Slovak origin can.

Currently there are:

TheBots (do not know exactly)
Zfjjk (do not know exactly)


Just Madness
Classical killing, so no vulgarity and no porn.
5 seconds is the minimum length for the part
Up to 30 seconds.
Maximum, you can add 5 parts.
Background (Black)

The issue will be together until at least 20 parts.

And as for Madness Combat 10:

This is what I'm looking forward to the finals, who do you think will win? Auditor or Hank and Sanford, or there appears Savior or Tricky?
We'll see ..

Well, I was still at it miserably.

Posted by Djjaner - January 27th, 2011

I did not expect that these problems get quickly, but to get the computer was very easy, but getting to the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult.

So some good news and bad:

Good news:

The production Ryder Revenge Go on me and it's no problem.

Madness Infected 2 will be up to the Madness Day 2011th

Alone in the Madness, I stopped completely and I do not know whether to continue.

Start on collab, Madness Czechstination 3, if someone is Czech or Slovak or my big fans who animates well, so I take him to collab.

Madness Combat 8, the Game, I'm working on it slowly and examine the animation according to the game and I do, I'd programmed it in Flash, but I prefer the game maker because I have eight of them in a larger experience.

Bad news:

Ryder's Revenge Series for the now canceled. Working on final part, an accurate animation of the story, I will put the info.

Madness Infected II, I do all from scratch, I lost sprites.

Another animation for RR and MI2 not go, I end up with some animation, but when I think of something new so I will not end.

Just wait.

I'm back...

Posted by Djjaner - December 23rd, 2010

Animation is done so now I just add sounds and I'm done.
But the animation I wanted to go December 24 As a Christmas gift to all who love this series. (here in the Czech Republic, celebrate it tomorrow).

Collab Madness Bloodness moves to the date of January 10 because not enough videos.

Who said video:
Djjaner - 2 (Organiser)
PeterPeterPet - 1
Lubos - 2
Zfjjk - 2
Sunshaft - 1
Ellvis - 3
TheBots - 1

That is all .. If the condition does not improve to 10.1.2011 collab collab so canceled.

Ryder Revenge Part08 is Completed..

Posted by Djjaner - December 10th, 2010

So ultimately what you stole my sprites RR apologized for the video which I told them as an apology from the author here confuses me stole sprites from RRpart03.

Ozzys55 Link animation


MysteryMans948 Link animation

Production on RRpart08 continues. If further attempts by some such stupid joke so RR interrupt and apology do not recognize.

Posted by Djjaner - November 29th, 2010

Soon you'll get a brutal event, where the Ryder and Techwarrior fight against an unknown creature, which was created by the project The Wraith, version 0.90. Survival of the Ryder or techwarrior? or anyone survive? Soon you will learn ..

The current state of the animation is 41% I'll try to catch it on the promised date of issue.
And look forward to it, this is just the end of the first series, then you will be another series of the past which will have about 7 parts and there is an explanation of what actually happened? Before the Ryder went to the base, and why he went and why it should be driven a car? learn ..

Ryder Revenge Finale Part (Series One).. Release date 24.12 !!!

Posted by Djjaner - November 17th, 2010

So collab move the date to December 24, 2010 as the date and what people are collab, fail to deliver their animation.
So I cancel the collab.

Otherwise, as regards the final part of Ryder's Revenge and I work on it slowly and I have little time to devote to it.
As for animation, Madness Infected 2, and game Alone In The Madness starts to continue on after the new year.

And I'm going to surprise you for Christmas, so enjoy. ;-)

The collab I invite reinforcements animators, if you happen to be what the authors have not provided their collab animace.

So spare animators and those are: Ertomnoun,Zfjjk,ClockManiac,Gigmastr who want to be sure and his collab animations add to 100%! ;-)

Current status of parts in collab:
Djjaner -1part
Ellvis -3parts
Lubos -1part
PeterPeterPet -1part
Zfjjk -1part

Posted by Djjaner - September 21st, 2010

After a long decision, I decided to hold their first collab with their own name, Madness Bloodness.
I like to do my time to collab on some animated part.

Anyone can participate, but only on condition that I send a sample to preview how can animate and I accordingly either to collab add or not.

Parts have to be madness
Minimum length of parts: 5 seconds
Maximum length of parts: 1 minutes
Frame rate: 30 FPS
Background size and color: default,black
How many members can apply: 10 (Full)
What characters can be used: all
How can add a maximum of parts: 3

Parts must not contain pornography but again may contain profanity. ;-)

Dj-janer (Parts complete: 1)
Sunshaft (Parts complete: 0)
Ellvis (Parts complete: 0)
Lubos (Parts complete: 0)
PeterPeterPet (Parts complete: 0)
Wogxhamraks (Parts complete: 0)
MetalTako (Parts complete: 0)
Jokutusta (Parts complete: 0)
ZaracaM (Parts complete: 0)
Sebaametalix (Parts complete: 0)

Until supply parts to collab:

Posted by Djjaner - September 20th, 2010

Unfortunately, the animation I made for Madness Day miss the finish and the time I finish it. So I'm going back to animation Ryder Revenge Part07 and finally I finish it. Issue should be sometime in November because I have to give this work a very matter because it is the last episode. As for the animation I wanted to do for Madness Day to tell you all is that this is a continuation of one of my tribute to all that just to please. Trailer or screenshots of animations will not continue because you at all surprised.

But still for Madness Day I have something in reserve. However, you will see. ;-)

Posted by Djjaner - August 29th, 2010

Going for your special project, but what will surprise you let it.
The animation should be about 33fps speed and character would have up to 10 angles from all sides.

Therefore, starting today and stop RRpart07 because I know this secret project will be a great success. So do not release the action or screen and will not trailer. Therefore, it is also secret, but I'm just here to inform you as to how I am.

Otherwise, what is the collab Madness Czechstination Youtube link into it so I did the animation, but it seems so it's probably the worst collab but why condemn him so when he was starting for animators in the Czech Republic.

Here is what I have done in collab.

Can see a hint of reformation, and therefore start on a secret project for Madness Day 2010