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Djjaner's News

Posted by Djjaner - January 8th, 2015

Oh my God?!?! :O


Posted by Djjaner - January 7th, 2015

Czech sexi dubbing (Djjaner and Gujit voice acting)

Check my old news..

Posted by Djjaner - January 3rd, 2015

Posted by Djjaner - December 31st, 2014

It is before us, the new year and I want to entrust you with the news which for all of you and I'm going for my fans and major changes that occur on my Newgrounds.

Is approaching very quickly and slowly I must soon come to an end, creating madness theme, I have to do a lot of reasons and the main concerns that my life will arise. Soon I will be a father and for me it's a huge concern and a pleasure for me that means a lot, date of birth is very close and I can not wait :) . Even though I will continue in the music creation and animation if so will no longer be aggressive and it will not be madness.

Little summary for the year 2015:

The BlackFlame Part02

(it is very difficult with the series, I had big plans, now I have to pause, Part 2 will be released in early February, and if the other part that I'm not sure)

Alone in the Madness
(the project is again suspended due lack of memory on my pc, unfortunately, I do not intend to purchase more memory, therefore comes out as a small project with a rapid end, edition February or March)

Collab Madness Xenon
(not uncommon (about 4parts) currently have a lot of time)

and finally...

Ryder Revenge Unlimited

It is now suspended and will remain so for much of the time, I do not know whether this will continue. This is a big project when pausing all I have to do (this means that Blackflame, Alone in the madness and xenon collab will be canceled) so I can continue, the choice is yours.

Decide (one vote/number = one person)

1. Working on Ryder Revenge Unlimited (RRU) and pause all projects
2. Do not work RRU and pursue other projects (this means that RRU, never comes out)


As far as other things like a game for me are not time-consuming, short animations as Deimos Adventures for me is 1-2 daily work, so more will be created.

More news and publish their progress over time.
If you have any questions are welcome. Glad to answer.

PS: My english is yummy yummy, Happy New YEAR!

Posted by Djjaner - December 29th, 2014

Posted by Djjaner - December 25th, 2014


Posted by Djjaner - December 23rd, 2014


Posted by Djjaner - December 14th, 2014

Posted by Djjaner - December 12th, 2014

Posted by Djjaner - December 11th, 2014

TheColdSpirit was good but did not work well, I canceled the team and I'm back.

Now I have 3500 frames at Madness Christmasination 2
Release date December 24, 2014