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Djjaner's News

Posted by Djjaner - September 15th, 2017

Who is interested in the creation of the soundtrack, please send full movie privately and I'll make up a perfectly fitting soundtrack.

- Q&A :
Question: Is Ryder Revenge Collab cancelled?
Answer: Yes is it cancelled, I'm sorry but after the data loss I lost a long introduction and 4 long clips. And it wasn't a collab of great interest, I have only 7 clips.

Question: Is chance that, will we see the continuation of the Time to Madness or Ryder Revenge Unlimited?
Answer: No, but I'm planning on smart solution, where you will see the endings of all the series (Even old) in one movie. (Better than nothing) then I start animating last long movie.

Question: What is the last planned the animation before closing my madness carrer, can I say something spoiler here or is that a secret?
Answer: I can only say that this will be an extremely long action movie, this is a forgotten project, which I always planned to finish, I started it in 2014, but I'm going to newly redone.

Question: Is the MadCzech group dead? If not, will there be more collabs?
Answer: MadCzech is still active. They work slowly on projects.

Question: Will you still be in the madness community?
Answer: Yes, but I'm not animate once I done last movie.

Question: Soooo,if I send you full movie that I might make,you will make a soundtrack for it for [FREE] [100% no SCAM] [LEGIT]?
Answer: I think that for this you don't need an answer. If yes, so free but only for you specially with scams and viruses.

More questions? (These questions were answered in private, I publicly answer)

Posted by Djjaner - September 9th, 2017


Posted by Djjaner - September 4th, 2017


Posted by Djjaner - September 3rd, 2017

Unfortunately, I have bad news one year of working on animations is lost, now it's very hard for me to come back to this when Scarax Lair and BlackSun are now lost, the projects were almost completed. Unfortunately, my madness days are over, I have little time to start working on projects again.

And to know that I'm fair, I soon start work on last long animation. I will definitely close my animator chapter.

Simplified, I'm starting to work on the last mad animation. (Release date: xx/xx/2019)

:Update: 31.12.2017
Last Mad animation is The Fair Light series...
After completing all parts combine and it will be a feature film.

Posted by Djjaner - September 2nd, 2017

more better than last one.

Posted by Djjaner - August 30th, 2017

Now I'm working hard on album Undead Core vol.3

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/763204 (something new..)

Posted by Djjaner - August 16th, 2017

I'm sorry friends,fans, happened to me a messy situation. It's now 7 days back when a lightning strike to my house, has caused critical damage to the computer (I forgot the computer removed from the plug), all data lost, I tried HDD resuscitate was unsuccessful. I'm going back to the account @C0rtax , now I'm for madness scene dead.

I didn't create any backups, which was a big mistake. Now I've learned and I won't make the same mistake, I had great progress, now all is lost.

Renew Djjaner account on Youtube. there will be uploaded only the best from my production of the latest tracks. Over time will be added.

Posted by Djjaner - August 7th, 2017

Recently I have little time to animate so my progress is low. The reason is that I often work during the week and on Saturdays I have to work compulsorily and when I have time so I dedicate to family, friends and real fun. I think that Madness Day 2017 is the last for me, I have a lot of active projects but I can't find the time, error is also in the motivation which I again lost due to the inoperative MadCzech (I'm Sorry you JohnyPixel, but it's the truth).

​Truth is that most members do not work frequency, only once,twice per a month, which is little, they promised me progress after the period of the summer holidays and as I'm watching this is much worse (Mostly active JohnyPixel). Therefore, my motivation is zero and I'm tired of animate just for myself. MadCzech is near the end. I came back for the Czech community if ends up JohnyPixel, I'm quit also. 

If you really MadCzech is over, I'll do these changes:

Aborting Ryder Revenge Unlimited series (time-unacceptable and impossible),
Time to Madness Part05,06 (will be completed),
Alone in the Madness Part03 (will be completed),
The Black Sun/Scarax Lair (will be completed, part of the TTM series),
Can't Escape the Madness Part02,03 (will be completed, part of the TTM series).


... Ryder Revenge Forever 2 .. the creepy real end comes.

Posted by Djjaner - July 15th, 2017

So far, it's the idea I wanted to implement at a time when I held the tournament and wanted to create a community for beginners and advanced animators and that moment is here. I don't see any problem, this do it now in real. 

Join between us. Today we're starting...

Create projects and team-working, cooperate with others, make collaborations and more. Also, present and improve yourself and get motivation.. Definitely I plan to come up with a better existential significance of this community and I make too Youtube channel if this is successful, this is not a representative community, all the animation will be created for fun, not demanding and uncomfortable conditions, this depends on who with whom will work. 

Therefore is available to all, who love the Madness Combat. 

The only condition is to register and read the terms and conditions.

Posted by Djjaner - July 14th, 2017

Video is out... Sean, you did a great job.

It fascinates me that you reveal and tell on the camera the truth, you're my hero.

On the evidence, that I respect @Krinkels, I'm in the year 2014 sent my first money earned here on Newgrounds, for that I respect what he has created and I support his genre, style of the animation.


At the time I financially supported Madreaction , I knew that it would be the right way for beginners animators, what with the project happened, I know up to now (Kelzad me money back after ruining Madreaction project)


I'm the bad guy? think about it.

I'm going to continue the good work...