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U need music for your madness animation? (Q&A)

Posted by Djjaner - September 15th, 2017

Who is interested in the creation of the soundtrack, please send full movie privately and I'll make up a perfectly fitting soundtrack.

- Q&A :
Question: Is Ryder Revenge Collab cancelled?
Answer: Yes is it cancelled, I'm sorry but after the data loss I lost a long introduction and 4 long clips. And it wasn't a collab of great interest, I have only 7 clips.

Question: Is chance that, will we see the continuation of the Time to Madness or Ryder Revenge Unlimited?
Answer: No, but I'm planning on smart solution, where you will see the endings of all the series (Even old) in one movie. (Better than nothing) then I start animating last long movie.

Question: What is the last planned the animation before closing my madness carrer, can I say something spoiler here or is that a secret?
Answer: I can only say that this will be an extremely long action movie, this is a forgotten project, which I always planned to finish, I started it in 2014, but I'm going to newly redone.

Question: Is the MadCzech group dead? If not, will there be more collabs?
Answer: MadCzech is still active. They work slowly on projects.

Question: Will you still be in the madness community?
Answer: Yes, but I'm not animate once I done last movie.

Question: Soooo,if I send you full movie that I might make,you will make a soundtrack for it for [FREE] [100% no SCAM] [LEGIT]?
Answer: I think that for this you don't need an answer. If yes, so free but only for you specially with scams and viruses.

More questions? (These questions were answered in private, I publicly answer)

Comments (7)

Don't end it yet, dude.
I expected more. From you.

I need motivation.

U have a cool new icon.

Question: Will you still be in the madness community?

Soooo,if I send you full movie that I might make,you will make a soundtrack for it for [FREE] [100% no SCAM] [LEGIT]?

I need! I need! a soundtrack.. for my 'Coca Coal Zero'(movie)
P.S. I write Coal, it is not a mistake
P.S.S I don't like Coca Cola Zero
P.S.S.S Why I'm writing this? :\

Alright, if i come up with anything, i will let you know!

One of the greatest animators are leaving Madness...