Entry #393

U need musician for your game or movie?

2017-05-18 05:12:28 by Djjaner

Send me a private message, where to show your project and if me the project will be like it.

So...  I'm glad to help you make a soundtrack or music according to your conditions, tempo and genre.

I'll do it for you, for free!


Have a nice day. Djjaner


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2017-05-18 07:40:30

Will you do this more than once?
Becouse I would really like to get a soundtrack done for my movie, but i already have a "Boi" that is doing it for me.


2017-05-18 08:58:25

YEA BITCH! XD But in future :)


2017-05-19 14:43:35


Cuz ya'know, i love your melodies and stuff,it would be a dream if you make a melody for my animation, I had thought a animation alone.[First a trailer/short animation.]


2017-05-19 22:40:06

I sent you a message on private message on the day you post this