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MadCzech the game... (Slow progress) Some News (REALM4)

2017-03-12 17:32:08 by Djjaner

First look: (A total of 7 days of work)

Soundtrack for game:

<a href="http://c0rtax.bandcamp.com/album/madczech-the-game-soundtrack">MadCzech the game (Soundtrack) by Djjaner</a>

Release Date: Madness Day 2017 or late.

The game will include:

Arena mode (First look video) 
Multiplayer (Coop,Deathmatch and more funny modes)

The game is still in development will contain gore, better backgrounds, more challenging enemies, a lot of unique weapons, mini-bosses and more. Campaign will include an interesting story with MadCzech characters.

It will be ported for Windows,HTML5 and late for Android

Otherwise I announce that Collab SpeedRage 3 will be! Thank you for voting "yes"! 

Definitely I read criticism of most people is the fact that the 2nd release is wrong... now I promise to improve conditions with the original topic and longer deadline.

Informative message:

I left Green Pepper Studios. Now I working on Czech community.


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2017-03-12 17:37:52

Could have some potential. Isn't the multiplayer going to be hard to make?


2017-03-12 18:10:04

It's only for MadCzech members? :c

Djjaner responds:

with MadCzech characters


2017-03-12 18:26:58

Oh! that's ok.


2017-03-12 20:20:45

Why no more REALM music? You're amazing at that

Djjaner responds:

Times are changing and people too... Now I am working "exclusively" for MadCzech. Thats all.. :)


2017-03-13 02:12:03

Looks better then nexus 2

Djjaner responds:

Thanks madbro! :D


2017-03-13 05:12:12

the deadline for speedrage 3 should better be at least 2 weeks

Djjaner responds:

or 4 weeks.


2017-03-13 05:23:59

Keep up the great work


2017-03-13 20:43:46

Hey, neat game. I haven't seen a decent madness game that's unoffical since retaliation probably. Neat shit dude.


2017-03-15 02:28:20

You are one of The most talented People first music then animations and now a game. Kepp it up bro :)


2017-03-18 03:45:24

The good idea, good luck with a game


2017-03-19 18:32:31

MadCzech doesn't give quality to the spectators. Green Pepper does. MadCzech will die someday for monthly collabs and for adding people in the group with no ideas and no skills, making that a majority of the members just imitate other people's ideas and not even having a good skill for animating.

I haven't seen a member yet whose animation doesn't try to imitate Djjaner's animation style, making them to not define their own style. (JohnyPixel is the only member I see as a little exception for this case)

There's only one member in the group that the most thing I saw from him is plagiarism from other people's ideas and actions in his tests, and that member is Klouad. That guy should think a bit his ideas, and not copying them from other people in most of his timelapses, and when he doesn't do that, the scenes look boring and uninteresting. Not trying to do destructive criticism, but try something different Klouad, I know you can do something.

This is what I think about this group now, and I think you guys can change my opinion if you all collaborate together doing something that deserves attention.