Entry #136

Dubstep Battle. (Cethic vs Djjaner)

2014-04-27 04:03:48 by Djjaner

Cethic Part


Djjaner Part



Write to us who is better. Only one vote on one guy.
Whoever wins must complete the song.


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2014-04-27 04:15:05

Cetaner.. i don't know ..i like cethic and your song like the same..s

Djjaner responds:

okay.. :O


2014-04-27 04:20:20

I vote for you my man ;3

Djjaner responds:

Ya... thanks


2014-04-27 04:26:55

I vote both...

Djjaner responds:



2014-04-27 05:14:00

Djjaner wins

Djjaner responds:

:P... meh


2014-04-27 05:49:58

Cethic's had better mixing and far cleaner percussion, yours was stronger in a composition/structural sense. Who knows.


2014-04-27 05:51:40

i can't decide :3

Djjaner responds:

I know.. this is harder..


2014-04-27 06:25:08

djjaner wins

Djjaner responds:

oh.. but Cethic it had worked well, except that it starts with just a moment.


2014-04-27 06:46:38

Djjaner Win!!

Djjaner responds:

Gujit WIN!


2014-04-27 07:57:04

I vote Djjaner for good sportsmanship.

As far as your song goes Djjaner, it could be really good if you worked on your sound design some more, your sounds seem kind of basic, but if you mixed and EQ'd them good enough, as well as tweaked them, you could probably have something very professional.

Djjaner responds:

Thanks.. Everything is longer practice in Fruity Loops and learn more filters and prove it yourself without any enhancements, resolve itself. Dubstep is not for me, and never has been. I'm more focused in the Drum and Bass genre and Dubstep to me is just an experiment. Good Luck for next time Cethic :)


2014-04-27 09:05:40

Damn Djjaner. That was some awesome dubstep, I vote you man.
That beat was Sick! :D
Well done :3

Djjaner responds:

Thanks.. :P


2014-04-27 13:24:59

Djjaner :D
Cethic's music is good,but as i said you are my favourite musician from NG and your song is freaking awesome!!!!!!


2014-04-28 15:07:26

I think Djjaner wins. But Cethic's is really good.