Entry #131

Ryder Revenge Forever 2 / RRpart09.5 is winner!

2014-04-17 17:18:57 by Djjaner

I am very happy that you vote this project. Ryder is back in animation, the story I had written. Animation should be between 5-7 minutes. I have slowly started to work on it. Otherwise, I began to train animation was super smooth and realistic. Here I have a small sample:

This is the first attempt to Sunshaft sprites, of course I still have to improve the fluency of speaking because animate the mouth without voice is hard.


I organize next Madness collab and looking for animators, add to, but read the Terms and Conditions.

More information in the older post in the link below.



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2014-04-17 22:48:17

That's wonderful! Remember to stick to your goals, but not "kill yourself" in the process. Good luck and take care!



2014-04-18 02:28:18

ryder revenge is coming back... FUCK YEAH


2014-04-18 03:26:21

Good luck in creating animation :)


2014-04-18 15:40:13