Entry #100

TechVision Volume 02 is Released!!

2014-01-14 16:36:22 by Djjaner


Album released today and I'll be glad when you listen to it,

includes many good songs compared to the previous release.

When you buy the album get another 3 bonus tracks as well get my support to do a much better track.

I'm losing inspiration to create, few peoples bought the previous album but it's not much but thank you very much I'm really pleased.  


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2014-01-14 19:11:15

Tak co mas z toho nejaky trzby? :D

Djjaner responds:

Nekdy jo. Ale i tak porad lepsi nez delat jen tak pro paradu.


2014-01-15 02:11:18

awesome :D


2014-01-15 03:53:30

awsome bandcamp bro :D


2014-01-15 07:04:09

(Отличная Работа :D)
Excellent Work ^ ^)


2014-01-22 10:28:31

i creator some audio with FL Studio 10 http://spacegod105.newgrounds.com/audio/ scout me pls