Madness Day Winners?

2013-10-06 06:29:28 by Djjaner


My participation was the last, not in the mood to participate in next year's Madness day. I'm sorry, but I was underestimated and insulted if my song can not even find the tag here on NG. Try my song on the NG tag search, you will not find it but why? All I have to set it each find and understand why you can not find.

Explain me it someone? I do not really understand.

Otherwise, congratulations to the winners and those who did not win anything as I ,wish good luck to next time.


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2013-10-06 08:45:44

Tomu tracku chybí "madnessday2013" tag, mas tam jen madness a jeste neco.

Djjaner responds:

CO? to je nejaka blbost ja se na to divam a ono to tam je.


2013-10-06 12:11:52

no no no no no no no


2013-10-06 12:20:22

Jo hele chyba, ja koukal na ten predchozi track.
Mas to tam no, ale zase... Mel si dost casu na to si to ohlidat. :(

Djjaner responds:

Jo proc ja? Ja jsem svoji povinnost splnil jenze jak je videt je vtom bordel zde na Newgrounds. Ja mohu jedine udelat to aby se to priste nestalo si postezovat jedine Fulpovi jenze stejne k cemu to bude? Je to zbytecnost tak i tak. Aspon ze nekomu se dostala ta pocta se dostat do tabulky vyhercu. ;)


2013-10-06 13:17:12

Yea, I had think you were going to be one of the winners, like from all of the animations, for me, your were the second bestest (being Incident:123B the first), I loved the song, and about don't finding it, I had these problems on searching the tag '1999elias' (I put it on every upload), and searched for images, I just found (more or less) 6.
Anyway, congratulations and thanks for the awesome movie. ;)


2013-10-08 10:33:22

Better luck next time! Typo in the tag maybe? No idea what it could be...

Djjaner responds:

Thank you..


2013-10-17 08:25:31

Dont worry , i think your movie is one of the best

Djjaner responds:

Thanks.. :)


2013-10-20 18:01:34

For me winning it's not important, the only thing that is important to me is that my flash entertain the people ;)


2013-11-15 13:47:53

And what about your next animation ?