MADNESS DAY 2013!! Album -Psygnosis is RELEASED!

2013-09-22 05:04:46 by Djjaner

The best day this year that I'm looking forward to the most.
I finally released animation to this day and you can see the second Madness Infected
Maybe some bugs, but it does not matter to make a good event and music with dubing.

Watch the video here:

I did well on the music track that I worked for a long time.

Listening to the song:

Another project will let you in secret and will be released on halloween. Enjoy and thank you for your comments on videos and all wish happy madness day.

New Album-- Psygnosis ---12 tracks..


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2013-09-22 05:10:36

Happy madness day dude! :DDDD


2013-09-22 06:09:31

Happy Madness day Djjaner!!


2013-09-22 06:31:23

Happy Madness Day and great movie man!! :D


2013-09-22 07:24:50

that story was epic Happy madness day


2013-09-22 07:26:27

Happy Madness Day!

Djjaner responds:

Thank you.. :-)


2013-09-24 12:06:48

Happy Madness Day!