Madness Infected 2.

2013-09-07 06:05:46 by Djjaner

It feels good to have finished animation that should be completed before 3 years ago. To complete saved me intro I went to Czech fan site madness. But disappoint you. Alone in the Madness this year does not done, because the game I want to do longer, and that I do not have time (I now have 1736frames). Next, madness day game comes out and you will be surprised, because it is more fun than I did 3 years ago and I mean demo for MD2010. After the release of animation Madness Infected 2, I will start working on the next episode Time to Madness and this year I have quit last episode of Lucy Madness, which will not say nothing. A lot of people me persuade to remake The Special Force. But do you think it might get to that and start working on it.

Next year I would like to slowly work on the animated movie Razorstar that come up in 3-4 years. Animation will use 40fps and want to do more real movement and really trying. With Razorstar help me Gujit and dubbing czech group .Perla Group. The film will have almost two hours and definitely entertain you with humorous and action scenes. It will be my life work.The Movie will be in English and Czech language.


I'm working on a game that is not flash but in Game Maker. Creating a game where you get the best destroyer weapon, and destroy all buildings, bases, shops, everything, and everything falls apart into small pieces to the ground. But to get to render it difficult and i definitely fun. Preview of game show up in the moment when the game will look good.

Madness Infected 2.


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2013-09-07 10:49:14

shit got real O.o


2013-09-07 11:29:57

SHHHHHHHIITTTT... i wanna play it now.. CANT WAIT~~


2013-09-07 19:36:01

Google Translate from Czech?


2013-09-20 22:32:40

sounds and looks awesome.One more day till madness day to me.HAPPY ALMOST MADNESS DAY GUYS!


2013-09-22 03:39:27

happy madnessday