Madness Infected 2. On Madness DAY!!!

2013-08-19 05:13:34 by Djjaner

After a long time, finally finishing the animation, I had to finish before 2 years ago. Finally we get one, part two, and also the last.
So what can we expect? Good or bad end? What do you think?

Animation is a good development and I am nearing the end. Now I 7022frames at about 78%.
Then awaits me a lot of rework the characters into a better appearance.

I've wanted this for Madness Day issue even after a long time, Alone in the Madness but he unfortunately miss,
I'll try, but I do not believe I can make it in time for release on Madness Day.

From next year I will work on an hourly animation film which I approved, from Krinkels and,
with Dubbers (Fenix ​​pro dabing) will film in the language of CZ and ENG.
It's one of my biggest projects I've ever done and I hope that you will be successful.

Much work awaits me.

What differently? Going also a project to Madness Day?

I knew what to look forward to. Good Luck all madness animators :)

Madness Infected 2. On Madness DAY!!!


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2013-08-19 05:41:38



2013-08-19 10:00:03

A new protagonist?

Djjaner responds:

Old protagonist.. from year 2010.. :D :D :D


2013-08-19 12:02:21

Was hoping you would say that. :3
A serum that makes you immune to death or something...


2013-08-19 16:29:23

Is the protagonist the 1st guy's brother?


2013-08-19 19:18:48

sounds promissing


2013-08-19 19:43:17

oh god that's gonna be amazing :D