New Album.. /Souls of Darkness

2013-07-13 16:42:49 by Djjaner

Madness Infected 2..!! Screen and new message.

And here it is guys! Here is my next album while offer fewer tracks than the previous album but I'm sure you will like it. At the moment I am busy animation and soon comes something that will definitely surprise you. On Madness Day, RazorStar not release until next year. So what are you waiting for Madness Day? Let us surprise you sure it all much happy.

I wish all who work on the video for Madness Day, good luck, and if someone wants to, so I can create for your animation soundtrack.

New Album.. /Souls of Darkness


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2013-07-13 16:58:25

jajaja god music i giv 10 sters out of 11 xDDDDDD


2013-07-13 17:00:38

Awesome tracks as always keep it up!! :D


2013-07-13 17:59:44

Sounds good, I like this a lot.


2013-07-13 19:22:21

Can i ask you something, do you have skype???


2013-07-14 12:53:31

dam it i need a pay pal account