Angry Birds -The Run (Idea.. and Test Game)

2013-04-19 17:03:38 by Djjaner

Today I worked on an interesting project that came to mind while watching the Intro For Angry Birds. It's a complete easy game, created in Game Maker 8th I used the characters,background and music from the game and created a game in which you play as a pig whose task is to steal three eggs, thanks to which only game Angry Birds begins. If the errors in the game, so I write it, I will fix it. The game took me 3 hours to do. Also, there is nothing complicated about it.

I do not want to commit theft or theft of the game, it's just an idea that occurred to me, and the authors of this game could be something similar to do. How to play the game to see when you turn on the game and press F1. The game is sometimes hard, sometimes too easy, it is just a coincidence when exactly be easy to run and give the egg to the king. However try.

Thanks for playing it. Please critism.. :D

Link to download:

Angry Birds -The Run (My Idea) Rar Archive.

Archive is without password and files no virus!. Unrar the archive into a folder with all the files!

Angry Birds -The Run (Idea.. and Test Game)


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2013-04-29 21:55:27

I think enemy will appear o3o