WHAT THE F*ck!!! Undead Core is Today Released..

2013-04-04 09:39:28 by Djjaner

I am very angry and disappointed. My 8hour megamix youtube canceled due to copyright.

Album Undead Core is finished and you can definitely hear it.
One of the best songs are Wake up in collaboration with Lorianne Meteaut ,song is fantastic definitely will all enjoy it.
When you buy the album you get the bonus.


Otherwise, I'm going back to animation. I make you small action animation, but you'll see soon. :-)

WHAT THE F*ck!!! Undead Core is Today Released..


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2013-04-04 11:10:26

Was that one submission or the whole channel? If it's just the submission, is your account still in 'good standing'? That's one thing I hate about YT, all the copyright issues, and the way the system is automated to get rid of them which makes copyright trolling so much easier. Anyway, sound good!


2013-04-04 12:44:08

Yes this is exactly ,Yes hurt , why should your new album cool )


2013-04-04 12:46:35

sorry that I said stupidity


2013-04-04 13:25:41

There's a u in fuck you know.


2013-04-06 14:02:34

corruption 2 still alive? because i have done my 2nnd clip


2013-04-08 14:04:44

Fuck yeah!! :D Best album!! Forever..


2013-04-12 00:14:13

Cool :)