8 hour Gigamix!!! (Sfaction,Trance,Electro and Remixes )

2013-03-08 14:57:52 by Djjaner

News?: Yes..

I'm starting work on a new Interactive show, titled, Never been better. It is only in Czech and in English it will not publish. if it were more interested to do English subtitles. Animation runs at 35fps. There you select the end of the animation options and which option will have more votes, so the result should then establish sequel.

Here is first short episode. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nySDsF8athU

Oh my God. What have I done? 8 hours, my music in the years 2005 and 2010 which is amazing!.
I definitely do it listen!

Awesome 8hour gigamix!! (Please wait)

It's the best thing I've ever, for himself issued and remixed. Do not even know how many songs there. At the time of 2005 and 2009 do me entertained trance but lately it had not, and it looks likely of Dance and Trance and Electro style to me die and go to another style. Dubstep is weak but for me, such as Drum and Bass, delay, diabolically well and better than the beginning. Early releases a new album, Undead Core really cool tracks (NeuroFunk, DNB). As far as I'm starting really fade animations, support is minimal. I have a lot of fans even if I were more advice. MI2 is stopped, and I fear that it stim, not move. I have no inspiration. If you look at Madness Combat so I see the newer of parts show the same thing, he wants something new. But I promise that certainly Madness Infected 2 and Alone in the Madness, a release to the MD2013. Previously nothing of the animation currently not release. Maybe trailer for Madness Infected 2 if really high interest. Maybe me and inspired some small financial contribution (even a few cents) but it depends on you.

Good luck all musicians and animators!!

8 hour Gigamix!!! (Sfaction,Trance,Electro and Remixes )


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2013-03-08 15:02:04

You're awesome dude good luck in the future!! :DD

Djjaner responds:

thanks.. :)


2013-03-08 15:21:51

It wont open for me... Crap, it's private or what?

Djjaner responds:

No no.. Still in progress. Wait until tomorrow.


2013-03-09 01:36:04

Good excellent new tracks )))


2013-03-09 03:19:30

1;39;15 this same group Tatu ))

Djjaner responds:

yop :)


2013-03-09 03:19:59

excellent )))


2013-03-09 14:29:41

perfect musics for enjoy while i spend a weekend animating :D

Djjaner responds:

:D :D


2013-03-11 04:39:28

wow, eight hours a dull, repetitive, electronic filth.


2013-03-13 07:23:33

3:31:03 track , amazing sound ^ ^ excellent : )


2013-03-14 16:31:18


Djjaner responds:

And you... :)


2013-03-16 07:45:31

(yop )what the word means ?
(the interpreter does not understand the?)


2013-03-30 20:32:46

sorry but maybe I can'tt do more part :S