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2013-02-25 04:54:23 by Djjaner


Please Donate or Download my Tracks. Thanks you very much.

Sorry to catch up to edit and complement status Collab corruption 2.
The last time animates terribly, so I take a break, and I do not have time animation. It makes no sense to exaggerate.
When I turn on the flash so either it in five minutes or do I turn it on animates terribly and I turn off flash, anyway.
it pisses me off.

And as Madness Infected 2? Will be released in Madness Day with the game Alone in the Madness. and as for the game so I put on testing and testing CrazyDamage him but the game was so much and so did gameplay, without my permission, but even so I do not mind. So look for a short gameplay.

Alone in the Madness. Tested CrazyDamage. 33fps

Otherwise, outside of animation. You know the game Tyrian? I'm trying to tribute! And yet, successful. Soon I will give test.
So look forward! (Game Only 65fps) -Low details) -Game Maker 8..

Listen and download album Techvision!!
Download it
Listen it

So far, bye. I'll be back sometime to animation but now I really can not.

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2013-02-25 09:22:16

The game is fine, but the characters should have legs.


2013-02-25 11:34:08

(Techvision!!)good new tracks )


2013-02-25 11:39:24

Scary Möves,Temple of Shadow,Universe of Space,Valentyne Day,
excellent work))))))


2013-03-06 04:09:09

Oh dear djjaner.. Game is beatiful.. and AitM is fucking awesome!! :D :D Techvision is best album of your life!!