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Alone in the Madness?

Posted by Djjaner - February 1st, 2013

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Since many people I learn that my style of animation which I'm doing now is not as good how I did. I created a short animation test in the old style at 33 fps. Is that better?

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/dc6fe000aae7 f577cec754d644a1fc47

For fun I made a short spam animation. I was inspired Juanford66. (35minutes work. xD) Spam Guys..

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/5b866f5e9d0c 16fe733e33d8aa11e4cf

Otherwise, in terms of Madness Infected 2 .Progress is very slow. However actual release not tell but the length of the animation should be into 5-7 minutes. Intro and End will be processed in Frame By Frame (Anime). Coming soon ..

Not tell you Nothing new. Refer here for the last post.

News: 14.2.2013 Valentyne Day..

Album /TechVision /Download Link.

News: 9.2.2013
Alone in the Madness in the process.
It is a strange game to be published long before two years now I embark on the full version in speed, 30fps. It will be a scary game it will not be such as it it is demo. The demo was rather test the game. The game offers 12 checkpoints and one very difficult boss. Soon To learn more. Now that 1032 frames to 16k and more frames..

Release? Next year or by the end this year.

Techvision (New Album on Youtube!!)

Alone in the Madness?

Comments (24)

LOL i think that u dont liked my spam animations thanks aniways for the tribute ;)

oh, and pls try go to skype i want give you my first collab clip

I Not thought to it so that your spam animations do not like. But that's probably not suitable as a project to issue.

Uhm actually hello? I made created spam style. and you voted 0 and now you make tributes?
Oh and nice shotgun Screenshoot.

Spam is not suitable as a project.This just about you goes bad reputation.

Ta animace v 33 fps je ohodne lepsi nez to co si predvedl v ryder forever rozhodne u tohodle stylu zustan :)


must not have feet the animation ... I'm putting them ...
I hope it does not influence ....

Legs do afterwards.

OMG Dude, my 2nd part for Corruption 2 is so smooth, when i first used flash i sucked at it, but look at the latest part that i sent to you, i improved my skills, but now i think my 2nd part is more awesome than the 1st ;).

In the making: Part 2
Parts left: Unknown, you need to tell me how many parts i can do.

Unlegged bodies? Whoa, or you creating new sort of madness combat or you're totally don't knowing what you doing. o.o

Legs animates up to I finish the animation.

Oh, but anyway it's good to know that you still active with animating. =p

Did you get my part? :)

Yes, you can do more. You can max of 3 parts because I have a lot of participants.

How many parts can i do???????????? plz answer

Djjaner i have sent you the 2nd part via PM, check your inbox ;)

Can you make a news post about the Collab, i want to see everyone's status...

I like your new style of animation.

do you have my first part

what about Corruption 2. PLZ don't tell that you cancelled it

No.. Corruption 2 not canceled.. Madness Funny Collab is next today new Collab..

Ok i'm waiting for the Collab's status.

and madness corruption 2? i want see the progress ;)

wish you all the good luck

Woohoo!! Alone in the madness is progress?? This is amazing! I cant wait Mr Janer

I send my first part :)

HALT!!! NOOO!! IDIOT!! :-/ You are stupid?

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