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Madness Infected II Preview soundtrack

Posted by Djjaner - January 19th, 2013

Pre sndtrack

Hi Guys. Please Vote all my music on site freeingmusic.com
Full song Madness Infected II !!!

Oh Yeah.. I animated Frame to frame style.. Watch it.
The Three Shorts

Kill axe.
Madness Tests.
Cave Story -Shooting test.

Full track is faster and Dnb Style.

Brother of the main protagonist from the first part of the animation is named Tommy. Offers you luxury with sword fights look forward to completely new style of combat. Release Date: XX.4.2013.

Short but good collab..

Watch it and Vote 5!!

Do you like this collab and should you interested to participate in the second part of collab corruption?

Madness Corruption II..:

No vulgar or erotic videos! and funny videos and action, definitely!
27 to 30 fps
5 - 15s length video
Background whatsoever.

Who is interested to participate?

Djjaner :(0/4)
Juanford66 :(1/2)
Bloody-Ice :(0)
Kenamii :(0)
madnesia19 :(3)
Gibb50 :(1)
GabrielBarsch :(0)
heragij :(0)
DYERA :(1)
remi-su :(0)
TheBots :(0)
Gujit :(0)
Jackson-Siegel :(0)
CrazyDamage :(1)
aston456 :(2)
madyellowblood :(1)
DIMB :(0)
zemort91 :(0)

Total Clips: 9

Deadline : 7.6.2013

I take and beginners, better animators to collab not get.. :-(

Glenn Stafford -Warcraft Orcs and Human -Djjaner and DjGoldwing Remix 2013!

Madness Infected II Preview soundtrack

Comments (37)

cool madness infected 2 can't wait!

Any particular theme for this animation?
Or just do what you want.(without breaking the conditions)

Wow, thats should be done long time ago (I guess, perhaps you lazy XDD), anyway, good to know that you finally work on it. :P

we talk about this collab on the skype and u again forgot janer ,janer.

LOL This will be diffcult for me, i'm going to do a random movie to post here, then, i must prepare myself for animating something for Madness Day (I have a lot of time, i know) And now i have to animate clips.........................................
................... Djjaner, i'm animating my first clip, i will upload it's dump file here when it's finished ;)

Oh ,yes my friend. Good..

I would like to join, but use a different program that you use. I use pivot animator.

Still if you want some animation mia, the upload to facebook, since no upload them here.

That if. I'm still a relative novice.

If you want to see what I have. Daniel Garcia Albalá is my name. Find me on facebook. Are the videos on my profile.

I heard that you wanted to get paid, You get 1$ for every thousand view.

can i join please

hmm.. Okay.

thank you this will be my first so when I finish a part for the collab do I send it to by message :?

Yes send me to message. Thanks..

DJJANER DUDE I HAVE GOOD NEWS, I just finished my 1st part you can see the preview here:

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/41295547b4eed6b27d519eb16ceca5fa">http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/41295547b4 eed6b27d519eb16ceca5fa</a>

If you like, answer this comment and then i'll send you the .fla file...

Lawl Thank madnesia19 to put me lol, but it's not the place here, PM Him, ppl should not see it :o

and DJ-Janer, for getting better animators, you should improve first.
you cant earn what ya want easily :3

I changed my mind, i will send you the .fla now :P

@kenamii don't worry, that's not the real .fla file, it's the preview.... but i think i'm going to delete it because i will send the .fla file to Djjaner.

dude, i had send u a private mensaje, can u answer the mensaje pls?

do you have my first part

DIMB ? Are you Serious ? His Level is Completly Different to 90% Of Collaborators o_o !

WHAT!!?? You are join 18 peoples??? WTF? You are Stupid?

Uz zacinas me srat!!??

lol, i tought you were gonna do a new post about the collab

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