Unfortunately, today is not collab.

2012-12-30 06:28:52 by Djjaner


Today, I gave you a short animation that was originally scheduled for collab, but never mind, I have yet to collab lot. Approaching the new year and for me it's getting bad. I need help. I found someone who would donate money? I do not want much. I am in distress and do not know how to proceed. Work with us are not and will not.

Is there anybody who can help?

Please.. Help me.

Dancing Forever!!! Silvester 2012!

VOTE 5!!!


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2012-12-30 07:12:02

There is always a way out, use the fact that there, important not to give up ?
(to be honest I do not know ? ) sorry
(can you make a new part of Ryder Revenge ?)

Djjaner responds:

Thank you for your honesty.
Ryder Revenge no more. But fix RR Forever.
This year comes something better.


2012-12-30 07:51:19

If I could donate I would :(
Hang in there, pal


2012-12-30 09:43:28

You're asking people to donate so you can proceed in making terrible madness collabs. Which Newgrounds has enough of. OH BOO HOO!

Djjaner responds:

No comment.. :-/


2012-12-30 10:46:46

how can i help you ?


2012-12-30 15:28:35

those sprites belong to Krinkels, we can pay you to make cartoons with Krinkels' sprites. Thats stealing. Get a job like the rest of us.

Djjaner responds:

Nowhere is it mentioned that someone steals. Each uses its characters and you're going to write me stealing? That would have to pay everyone's sprites used. Soo ,no comment.


2012-12-30 16:56:15

My American money is kinda worthless.

What do you need it for?

As for Spudzy.. his stuff is worse than yours.


2012-12-30 22:54:20

No I will not donate money for bad Madness Cartoons, when Krinkels makes good ones for free.

Djjaner responds:



2012-12-31 13:55:35

ermm... why you need money ? all madness (i think all) is animating without money ._.
im animating for fun.

Djjaner responds:

oh Im Musician!!!.. Animation make it for fun..


2013-01-12 16:13:20

hey, did you have done with the collab yet?

Djjaner responds:

yes.. please wait