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Madness 2020 Collab *Update -0.05

Posted by Djjaner - May 10th, 2019

How to join?:

  • There is no need to know how to animate well but you need to draw.
  • Less knowledge with madness animations
  • You hate me or my community? you will not be accepted.
  • Send me a test that is proof of your skill.

Infos about scenes: ... will be changed ( I have a better idea )

Now rules:

  • The more interesting your animation will be the better for you, boring killing without the chance of the enemy to hit the protagonist I don't care.
  • Suitable FPS is 30-33. (lower isnt so good)
  • The length of each clip (500 - 2000 frames) longer will be divided into two parts.
  • No offensive content if you deliberately create, you'll be from collab kicked out.
  • You will work with remastered original MC sprites that will be available as soon as they are ready...
  • If you send me a clip... Describe it. (example: Clip one by "..." )


  • Djjaner
  • MJorik


Comments (25)

i join

welcome in

there are some things that the google translator did not do his job well
but if I understood, mandatory to know how to draw (oses, what will be an animation at the hand of madness?)

have to send you a quality test animation (does it have to be as the previous question says or sprites?)
Well that was only Janer ... I hope you answer me

because if so ... I join

do not take into account the animation in dump that I have in public (since they were from months ago)

*I mean animal for the first task to draw.

*I need to see if you can animate well, send me a test.

It's joke?

Isnt joke its real collab

is this a joke?

I love jokes but this isnt joke...

what happend to johny pixel? is he still in the community?

he is busy thats all.

oh okay :V

Animal whaaaaat well this is new but all of us never did a animal animation before.

its challenge

if this is not a joke, maybe i will join the collab, but I'd better think about it

The year 2020 is coming so it's the best title for collab.

I think that this collab will be associated with a single animation of Djjaner and Gujit Catty and Doggy madness

:D ... lol "predatory / dangerous animal"

holy sHITI AMAZING COLLAB!!!! IM IN!!#!@#!@$!$$

i join bro

@Djjaner It will be like your animation with Gujit's?

nope... for example: It is not common to see a lion in the madness.

@Djjaner bro what do you mean "animate animal in first clip" but aother clip "10-5000 dead agent's" agents in madness?? Or this is parody on you'r and Gujit's animation "Doggy and Citty Madness" I didn’t understand what you wrote in the rules.

"predatory / dangerous animal"...

... oh you cannot see any agents in MC series? I'll refresh your memory.

You already know?

can I join?

i join Dj

i cant
im lazy
im busy
so nope D;

i think this will be my time to redeem myself for what happened with my bodyless 4 clips

I have made a clip plz let me join

also accept animated madness clips in 3d Anyway I too Join

hmmm maybe i will be in so put me maybe i will be in collab but when is the collab and can i use my own favorite sprite?

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