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MadCzech vs Green Pepper Studios

Posted by Djjaner - February 20th, 2018

No, this is sheer stupidity.

The title of this message is lying. Some think that this is really happening but in fact.

I'm not interested with these people compete, I don't need to do MadCzech unnecessary problems and therefore I want to apologize for @Zeophyte behavior didn't do the sensible thing and created a clip which is absolutely useless, which was about me, where I killed Green Pepper members without reason.

I'm glad he made a sensible decision and this nonsense deleted.

I want MadCzech keep on neutral way.


Comments (21)

Well Jan, I'm sorry for my behavior and will not happen again.

all is settled now
lets go back to work, everybody
we have a whole year ahead of us

Exactly! Good luck my friend.

Nice post! Good luck on your future projects, this is past and it will never happen
Glad you want to end this! ;)

yea as Gab say back to work i cant wait to finally change the work and continue work on mad thing im kida sad not to be able finish clip for RR collab....

That's cool and all then.

nice, man.


back to work then

kill em'

Like if anyone cares lol

Although it didn't bother me, I'm glad it's been sorted out so that people don't make the wrong assumptions. Nobody wants or needs any needless conflict.
Proud of ya

That drama never gets old. ;)

nice clickbait

i cant go to this war

Says the guy who came on Krinkels's stream to say that Kelzad sucks

I never got to see it.

Were don't we actually put your team madczech vs green peppers team to see who has the better animation where all the animators work together to make one big animation and people need to vote on which ones better unless its to complicated to put together and that beef between you and kelzad would be interesting to see though and many madness fans would agree with me

alright, cool.

now lets make cool flash and forget the drama, guys!

Green pepper vs madczech why can't it happen its not like there has to be drama involved

i want to see this go down, see whos got MAD skills, yeah

@Gibb50 Aint no conflicts just want to see whos better whats wrong with a little competition? like that song goes "NO BOTY MOVE NO BOTY GETS HURT" Besides need some new shit to come out they been out of commission for to long, can see the cobb webs

@Lubos back to work GABs ain't done shit lately

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