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2013-12-21 11:20:19 by Djjaner

Lorianne M. has deleted account here on facebook and youtube. I am very disappointed and sad and unhappy. She has an amazing voice, you can hear it in my two songs. (Wake Up and African voices/African rythms) It's a shame. Really a shame. Therefore, today I give these two songs from the album The Undead Core, free. She was amazing, she was the star of my album and I'm really rooting for her and very recognized and persuading into singing but it's a shame that it gave before tried. I'm so sorry. If this Lorianne will read, I will be glad to return to singing.

   This two tracks is free.. payment this tracks is voluntary or type a value 0 and write your email. It will be sent to your email download link. (Techvision Edit -Lorianne´s (Wake Up))


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2013-12-21 11:28:03

oh nooo!! D:

Djjaner responds:

oh... :(


2013-12-21 11:34:38

Sice nevim o koho jde ale skoda pratel

Djjaner responds:

No jedna se o jednu z mych fanynek ktera se rozhodla semnou vytvorit song a zaclo to skladbou African Rythms neboli African Voices tam ukazala svuj uzasnej hlas kterej se mi vazne libil pak jsem se rozhodl sni vytvorit song s nazvem Wake up. Ma velice dobry hlas a je to nejlepsi co album The Undead Core mohlo nabidnout a mrzi me ze z niceho nic se vytratila.. Nevim nic ani co sni je. Takze ode dneska tyto dve skladby jsou z alba zdarma a pokusim se je rozsirit dal..


2013-12-21 11:38:50



2013-12-21 11:53:48

If you want to smile check my latest post if you can D:


2013-12-21 11:56:22

really, its bad news D:


2013-12-21 12:04:11

but your facebook nt deleted, look: