Dungeon Master 3..

2012-11-19 17:00:27 by Djjaner

Dungeon Master 3.. The Project

The game disappeared in 1997 when the company Interplay has lost a lot since the 2 parts and the company FTL disappeared a year earlier rights to the game so no they are not. But even so, this project will be devoted to the greatest lovers can this game. The first volume in 90 years, wowed both graphical and after the game scene, then in 1994 in Japan, he went out the second part of Dungeon master and in 1995, we have him to lunch our Pc. Why DM3?
The Game spent his childhood here and the game is entirely one of the most unique project from the company Interplay and FTL. It's a shame that it just gave up and nobody is going to finish the game so I will try to continue. The game is in a lightweight development may take many years before I give a lot of features and a lot more quality animation that will last a long time. About the development will give know for Czech fans came here www.DungeonMaster3.estranky.cz site..

Demos of songs from DM3 will be uploaded here on Newgrounds.

Collab Madness Corruption.. Will be released in December.

Gujits new movie.. Madness Election (Kill skrillex) :D
Fuck yeah!! Gujit go go go!! xD

Dungeon Master 3..


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2012-11-19 17:35:21

Your friend never thought the animation through. Also madness sucks dick. Only krinkles madness is good.


2012-11-20 03:13:15

WHAT?!!! you said that the collab will be released today, 20 nov. what the hell...? december? what happen whit that? >:(


2012-11-20 06:22:34

Fuck dungeon master

Djjaner responds:

Fuck you Bastard!!