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Ryder Revenge Collab

2017-04-24 03:19:13 by Djjaner

Ryder Revenge Collab

Organiser : @Djjaner

Conditions :​
The action scenes, the most rapid and aggressive.
Only work with Ryder Revenge sprites. (Download here)
Try make own backgrounds than using with package.
I have no interest in tests.
Try to make interesting and original clips.
Porn and insulting clips will not be accepted!

30 - 33fps
Minimum 150frames for clip
Max 4clips or one long (1000-1500 frames) / one member
I prefer finished clips for collab more in MP4 files than SWF (Download and use this soft Swivel - SWF to MP4)

How to join?:
Send me a message (PM) with your test.

Members :


Deadline : Collab must reach at least over 30 clips


Betrayal! (Update) Kelzad the Manipulator!

2017-04-22 15:07:55 by Djjaner

I can not see that I'm the worst person here.



... It will never be completed, flp editable file is deleted, @Kelzad betrayed me.


He found a better "exclusively" replacement. haha... 

The response was faster than I expected, you are just a part of the Kelzad's manipulation! 


Had Kelzad sufficiently respected me, why he insisted on working with Cheshyre (I was a Kelzad's musician, why did not he ask me for a 25k collab music? heh... ) And that he would not offend me, so I should try to cooperate with Cheshyre (See the secret message above.) 100% would not work from my point of view, Kelzad just waited for me to reject this option and did not give me a choice. I'll either agree with collaboration or automatically create a Cheshyre soundtrack for REALM4, and I'm the worst again, and you're just manipulated! See below in the comments... 

@Kelzad will not respond on this post, he is afraid. 

Mini movie series...

2017-04-12 15:30:37 by Djjaner


... I started mini shorts series (Madness Scarpage part01, planning 10 parts), specialy created for 1800 subscribers! THANKS A LOT GUYZ :3 ...

Now working on Scarax Lair... 

Important message!

2017-04-07 05:45:49 by Djjaner

Only this track... :) haha... xD



Scarax Lair (Full track)

2017-04-03 06:34:09 by Djjaner


Movie release date: 1. May. 2017


2017-03-31 08:43:13 by Djjaner

Timeline. (The combined Storyline)

Time to Madness Part05,06 - Scarax Lair - Can't Escape the Madness

Scarax lair

2017-03-25 15:26:27 by Djjaner


MadCzech the game... (Slow progress) Some News (REALM4)

2017-03-12 17:32:08 by Djjaner

First look: (A total of 7 days of work)

Soundtrack for game:

Release Date: Madness Day 2017 or late.

The game will include:

Arena mode (First look video) 
Multiplayer (Coop,Deathmatch and more funny modes)

The game is still in development will contain gore, better backgrounds, more challenging enemies, a lot of unique weapons, mini-bosses and more. Campaign will include an interesting story with MadCzech characters.

It will be ported for Windows,HTML5 and late for Android

Otherwise I announce that Collab SpeedRage 3 will be! Thank you for voting "yes"! 

Definitely I read criticism of most people is the fact that the 2nd release is wrong... now I promise to improve conditions with the original topic and longer deadline.

Informative message:

It's a few months since I LEFT the "exclusive" Green Pepper Studios, and certainly do not regret, I have to do my "exclusive" reasons and I will not mention them here. :)
So expect that to REALM 4, I will not create the soundtrack.
@Kelzad will have to find a replacement musician for next "exclusive" future REALM episodes and movies.